1. although perhaps you don’t really need to know it at all. i dunno. taking a stab at the fact that people might actually like me.

    • my whole name is Brandon Jeffrey O’Brien.
    • i am born and live in the lovely island of Trinidad and Tobago, and i’ve only traveled twice - one week in Margarita for a professional Spanish exam i passed con distincion, and another week in Washington for the Brave New Voices International Poetry Festival in 2008. i remember the first piece that the group i was with in DC performed; we wrote it because one of our coordinators saw an age-old clip from a Judy Garland movie. look for it: “Minnie from Trinidad”.
    • I have a twin b(r)other.
    • one of my high school certificates has my middle name spelled incorrectly. as of now i have no idea if prospective employers will actually think i just committed fraud.
    • i am a writer, or at least i like to think of myself as one. i’d like to write a book that people study in high school someday.
    • i’d also like to run my own media house someday. starting with a publisher, and then a movie studio. who am i kidding? but maybe.
    • i have several alter-egos, one for every pseudonym i ever acquired. that’s for another page though.
    • i had a hernia very young; my brother makes a lot of fun about it, and a slew of other health problems i had at an age i was too young to recall.
    • i’m currently doing Film Production in the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.
    • when i enter bookstores i often find great difficulty leaving unless every book therein is crap, which is never true.
    • i used to read Shakespeare - as well as the Webster dictionary - as early as my last years of elementary school, and started writing classical poetry as far back as 2003, when i would have been 13.
    • i spent most of my high school years as an incurable insomniac, and would often listen to the radio, sit on the front porch, or read in the dark with a flashlight whenever i was up, as late as 2am.
    • nowadays it would seem i make up for all this lost sleep time.
    • one of my high school moments i will never forget: a friend of a friend, a guy i never really talked to, found out that i was a raging atheist, but never protested against me like so many other kids had. then one day, as i left a draft of a novel in one of his classes, he brought it back for me after school because he guessed that the subject matter - a corrupt religious group orchestrating the rule of Earth under the guise of end-times preparation - was right up my alley. it was then he confessed that he was also an atheist, and that he doesn’t tell anyone because he knew people would act the same way they did toward me. we got a little closer, and i realized he was a really cool guy; a few months later he would drown trying to save another kid’s life. and while the whole school was mourning, i felt somewhat disappointed that i was the only person who knew that - it reminded me how much we keep things from people so we don’t get hurt.
    • the day i started this tumblelog is the day before i got my own room. i turned twenty in april of the same year.
    • the day i started this tumblelog is around the same day my older sister got kicked out for some totally stupid shit, hence getting her room. i miss her, and that day still reminds me of my mom’s true colours.
    • some of the names for my future children [a list that keeps growing] - Daughters: Rose, Eve, Eutrice, Sakura, Samsara, Grace, Ambrosia, Petra; Sons: Brendon, Hemadri, Sariel, Kyron, David, Pietr
    • On Wednesday, May 12th 2010, my first laptop was stolen in broad daylight in the mall. Hilarious.

    that’s it for now, i guess. ask a question and i’ll answer it and update this page.


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