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Larus Sinus
Available from my S6 store. Free worldwide shipping and $5 off each item ends today.


    Larus Sinus

    Available from my S6 store.
    Free worldwide shipping and $5 off each item ends today.

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  2. You know what time it is… #FreeSpeechProject Season 3 coming soon! #poetry

    You know what time it is… #FreeSpeechProject Season 3 coming soon! #poetry

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untitled by Emma DiMarco on Flickr.
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  4. Credibility is when 
    a comedy website doesn’t challenge 
    your political views. 
    It’s when only the people 
    who don’t talk about race 
    grace the cover of your digital news 
    or get mad likes on the front page of YouTube; 
    it’s when at least 
    the people who disagree with you 
    don’t comment as often on your 
    misguided attempts to be a forward-thinking man 
    as you do on theirs. 
    Credibility is when 
    your echo chamber’s walls 
    grow thick, 
    when your ego engorges 
    and wraps around you, 
    when your foetal state of emotional weakness 
    is insulated by the weight 
    of how many names for rhetorical devices 
    you can misuse 
    or which memes you can source as 
    Credibility is 
    blood; you’ve slit Cracked’s neck, 
    you’ve slit Polygon’s neck, 
    why on earth would you have to hear another woman? 
    Even the nice ones, 
    especially the often-wrong ones, 
    why on earth would you have to hear 
    a sinner say they still deserve a fairer trial
    than a cinderblock to the ankle and
    God’s love on the way down if they deserve it?
    Only witches get back up. 
    That means 
    you’re right. Incredible. 
    Credibility is 
    an echo chamber with 
    teeth around its walls, 
    no counterpoint climbs here, 
    no way, 
    trespassers shall be shot on sight, 
    the smell of new opinion 
    makes you clutch your belly button, 
    makes you retch for your friends to LOL 
    quickly beneath you in solidarity, 
    it must be 
    whatever just jumped the fence. 
    When the rest of us ask 
    why it is a comedy website 
    has to be the one to get it right, 
    you’ll fume. You’ll say comedy 
    is proof of an opinion’s tomb - 
    all the serious folks agree, 
    there must be less to your ideology, 
    right? I must have done won this fight. 
    Let’s get more bullet points out of this capitalist conservative magazine, 
    unload this YouTube clip, 
    there must be less to your ideology. 
    Credibility is when 
    you can feel the veins in your 
    echo chamber’s neck pulsing at the 
    very thought of dissent somewhere, 
    Commissioner Nimrod shines the Not All Men beacon 
    high past the moon, then comes the credits page, 
    Issue One of Three, 
    I have an issue, 
    I have an issue, 
    I have a copy of Atwood’s selected poems 
    open on ‘A Woman’s Issue’, I 
    must be one of the bad guys here, 
    it’s incredible. 
    Credibility is when 
    you can only be civil to 
    the walls around you. 
    Credibility is when 
    the walls of your skull grow thick, 
    veins pulsing. 

  5. 2015 Commonwealth Short Story Prize is open for entries? 

    Oy vey.
    Pray for me.
    international-nerd, I’m gonna need you to death-stare at me til mid-November.

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    i’m so upset

    I just realized that the reason ghosts say Boo! is because it’s a latin verb

    they’re literally saying ‘I alarm/I am alarming/I do alarm!!

    I can’t

    present active boōpresent infinitive boāreperfect active boāvīsupine boātum



    if it comes from the latin word, they’re actually saying “I’M YELLING!” which is even cuter

    do they speak latin because it’s a dead language

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  7. I have read more feminist articles that made me angry and which sounded upside down and backwards than I can count. And an astonishing number of them over time made me realize that I was nonetheless wrong and they were right. I still routinely read feminist articles that make me think, “I hate every word of this but I can’t find the philosophical or empirical mistake.” I will routinely see a controversy erupt, have a knee jerk response that the feminists are obviously full of shit, read the debate and wind up writing an article supporting the feminists because they simply won me over.
    You know how that makes me feel about feminism? It makes me feel great. I want to read some more even though I know I’ll probably hate it and struggle with it for a while. I like reading feminists because I like having my biases unsettled. I like being forced to uncomfortable places morally and intellectually. And even when I read an abusive feminist who I wish would be more civil, I still bother to focus on what’s in there that I might learn from.
    I can think of no single group of writers on the internet who change my opinions more often than the feminists.
    Daniel Fincke, On Criticizing Your Own Side Without Being A Traitor, September 16th, 2014, Patheos.com
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'Comedic Comic Pop Art'


    'Comedic Comic Pop Art'

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    My new animated project - Golden

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    MisSpelled is the tale of five very different young women who must learn to work together after they mysteriously acquire magical powers.

    The girls will have to save themselves and each other from their own magical mistakes. A dark comedy with lives on the line, MisSpelled is a thrilling and comical journey for five young women who aren’t necessarily down for the ride. With a new dark presence growing in power, will they be able to save themselves from impending doom? They don’t know, but they can google it.

    An exciting adventure with mystery, murder and magic! MisSpelled is not your typical witch show. With a diverse cast, comedy and thrilling twists — MisSpelled is something you need to see to believe. 

    Y’all. Remember how excited we were about MisSpelled? “A new show about witches? Witches of colour, even?? And it’s not even my birthday, or Halloween!!”

    Well, they’ve posted everything they’ve got to youtube — a promologue, and four episodes — and now they’re running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the rest of the series. If it’s not successful, then we don’t get any more of the show. Which would suck.

    I am asking you guys — begging you, even — to go support the Kickstarter if you can. If every one of my followers pledged $20, then they’d be funded immediately. But even if you can only spare $5, that still gets you thanks on the website and a download of the music from the show!

    There are several $12 Charm Bag Tiers, each based around a different character. The charm bags include a tarot card with the character on it (you can see an in-progress sketch of some of the art for the cards in the photoset), a bloodstone, a spell written by the character, and some charms.

    And for $20, you can pick a charm bag, get thanked on the site, download the music and the first season after its finale.

    Even if you can’t pledge, signal boost this. Go watch the show on youtube. Tell everyone! We have 19 days and counting to make this a success.

    Fly my pretties~

    hellboundwitch = queen.


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  13. Try and stay fresh and engaged and have something in your heart that you want to say feels important to you.
    Reflecting on the secret of his creative longevity in a recent interview, Stephen King echoes Henry Miller on the secret of remaining young at heart. (via explore-blog)
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