1. arrivalattempts:


    Charging up to do a handwritten-poetry giveaway in mid-August maybe?

    How could I get in on this action, oh brother of mine?

    I’d love to turn it into, like, a small package of some sort, in which case maybe I’ll give you something, 
    but then it’d have to have something other than just poetry, yuh feel me? 

    Like, a piece of art or something? (coughcoughYouKnowWhoYouArecoughcough) 

    but we shall see how it goes, if it goes at all.

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  2. Charging up to do a handwritten-poetry giveaway in mid-August maybe?

  3. Ask me anything you want.

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  5. Who say work hard to edit work and start dropping them in magazines and praying?

  6. A 24-year-old conflict finally comes to its deservéd conclusion. 

    Thank you, arrivalattempts. It’s been a long time comin’, but I am glad you owned up.

  7. So I was just like, “I need to stop being a wuss and colour my hair one of these days”, 

    and then I was like, 
    "… but yuh doh have any, yuh just get a haircut three days ago…"

  8. matthewdraws:

elllllllo out therrr!


    elllllllo out therrr!

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  9. Watsky | Right Now (ft. Lisa Vitale)

    I don’t think I’ve been as hyped for a rap album as I am for All You Can Do in quite some time. The fact that it sounds like this is why. 

    It comes out August 12th. I think you should check it out. That’s just me.

  10. The Brothers, about to hit the road. #Ìbejì #æ

    The Brothers, about to hit the road. #Ìbejì #æ

  11. asylum-art:

    Illustrations by artist arrenhopes

    for Popshot Magazine

    artist on  tumblr

    The Illustrated Magazine of New Writing; Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood
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  12. llesim:

    Black dog, get off my back…

    i wanted to try graphite powder on this one, in hope that soft shading of big areas will be quicker…. But i don’t know if i bought some shitty powder (only that it was the only art powder i found in stores), or i’m doing it wrong, because it’s impossible to make it darker, it does only really really light shading so i need to add layer in pc anyway. Pencil shading still works better, but it takes sooo much time.

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  13. Random idea: 

    I already know my protagonist is prone to drop his code-switching etiquette and slip into dialect when he’s flustered. 
    That should probably also happen in his head - I’m presently writing a scene where, in response to being disrespected by a minor character, his narration drops into Trini vernacular English almost immediately. 

    So maybe that’s a thing. 

    Also, guess who’s behind on his word count?

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