1. the only person 
    I am trying to beat 
    at the game of life 
    is whichever former me 
    went to sleep last night.

  2. Commonwealth Short Story Prize rules say entries are still eligible if they’ve been on a personal blog or website. 

    This reminds me that I should post up my entry from last year on Pens&Peril.

    Maybe I’ll put up what I’m working on now as well?

  3. I’m having a mild case of one of my I-Need-Hibernation moments. Acute sleep deprivation is surely getting to me. I am recalling last year’s experience of running on hype. :/

  4. I find it a peculiarly tenuous assumption that women who state that they’re being threatened with violence in public fora are just affecting publicity stunts to win sympathy. 

    Because it assumes, then, that USU itself would make up a shooting threat on a one-time presenter’s behalf;
    and that, even if it were just a hoax drummed up to scare her off, she is a dishonest person for being scared after people have threatened her and her family, and the lives and families of others, before. 

    It has been a hard few months for women who talk about things
    For no good reason. 

    Someone argued the other day that feminists treat Christina Hoff Sommers like a pariah because of her comments on female gamers. 
    I can see no evidence of that. I can see evidence of people severely disagreeing with her, often running a bit emotional about a topic their lived experiences inform far better than hers. No more. 

    But there is literally evidence on a university campus police desk, on an FBI desk, that someone would rather try to shut down a school than let a woman share her opinion

    Anyone who doesn’t think that's a big deal, but says that feminism is a 'hate group' for critiquing patriarchy without including men, really really really has to dig deep to find a way to support that idea.

  5. Magnum est PNM
    Magnum est PNM
    Magnum est PNM… 

    et praevalebit.

    Over the weekend, I made $100 performing for a PNM Youth League annual general meeting. 
    It was equal parts fulfilling and peculiar.

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  6. Week One: 
    I may have gotten the cold. 
    People who speak for a living do not get the cold. Or else they starve. 

    *drops soluble Vitamin C tablet in a tall cup of holy water*

  7. tour sore

    the state of feeling drained, tired, dead on one’s feet, or otherwise exhausted after one day’s worth of performances on the 2Cents Movement’s Courts Bocas Speak Out Secondary School Tour.

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  8. So… Psycho-Pass seems to have come back on a particularly hot and sweaty note… but I love that Akane is still as idealistic as ever, and the first thing we see is her idealism working (in direct parallel to her idealism dropping the ball in the pilot of Season One, leading to the Lethal Elimination of a latent criminal). 

    What I remember loving about Psycho-Pass is that 22 minutes isn’t a lot to solve a puzzle, but it’s always enough for a good, long, dramatic chase scene. I’m intrigued by this puzzle, and how it’ll push the boundaries of our questions about a world with the Sibyl System even more than the last season (because personally, I doubt there is even another question left unanswered about how Sibyl is complex and less than ideal), but I’m also intrigued to see how far those questions will continue to give Akane doubts about the value or virtue of her world when she literally has to wait for Sibyl to change its mind about whether a criminal deserves to die or serve time. 

    Oh god, I need to talk about this… where’s wthtonibelle when I need her?!? 

  9. Highlights of today: 

    • talking to a musician about meditation, symbols, words as symbols, being aware of ‘the thing being seen, the act of seeing, and the person who is seeing’, and making work that shatters the automatic illusions of social space; 
    • arrivalattempts calling and asking me how my day was apropos of nothing, after so many days of me trying to hide the fact that the answer to that question was ‘not so great’;
    • the feeling of asking two-hundred-plus teenagers to ‘make some noiiiiiiiiiise!’ in an auditorium so small that, when they comply with your request, you can’t feel your ears for a bit; 
    • listening to Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ in the car drive to one school; 
    • free food; 
    • knowing that other people know that the value of work is not who you do it with, where you do it, or how often, but that you do it for people who can be touched by it, that you are honest, and that it makes you happy. Being around those people. People who reassure you that the money is just a means to the end of being able to bless more people with your work.

    I’m not fully charged yet. 
    But at least I found a couple working outlets.

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  11. Things that made me feel better this evening: 

    1. international-nerd checking on me when I’m bugging out; 
    2. Kamen Rider Drive subs; 
    3. Showtime saying they’re gonna bring back Twin Peaks;
    4. the idea of watching the latest episode of Castle tomorrow morning; 
    5. randomly daydreaming of two OCs from a future serial something [codenamed Queer Mahou Shoujo and Queer Kamen Rider respectively] singing Childish Gambino’s ‘The Palisades’ to a room full of wall-mounted photographs of their androgynous friend cosplaying as Tuxedo Mask; 
    6. Childish Gambino’s secret Kauai EP track being a small but neat and elaborate web puzzle, apparently including the clue, ‘LEMONGRAB: UNACCEPTABLE!’
  12. Season 2 of Psycho-Pass is almost here!

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