1. 2015 Commonwealth Short Story Prize is open for entries? 

    Oy vey.
    Pray for me.
    international-nerd, I’m gonna need you to death-stare at me til mid-November.

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  3. A ramble: 

    affections are far too nebulous for me to not be confused by.

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  4. Would I be wrong at all in assuming 
    that Tumblr as a community actually dreads shit like Christmas and New Years’ 
    but for some reason totally organic to Tumblr, for almost no visible reason
    starts generating mad hype for Halloween literally a month and a half in advance

    What exactly is it about Tumblr that finds Halloween so compelling? 

    There is a social media phenomenon waiting to be deciphered here.

  5. Had this really peculiar idea for an epistolary short story about trap music and cultural/ethnic identity in space 
    but I haven’t been up for writing much of anything but take notes for quite some time. 

    It hurts, frankly: 
    having all these things part of me still wants to do, but not having the energy to actually make them because an actual wall of feelings is between you and the work.

  6. you ever notice how, whenever someone is having a feminist conversation - from the most problematically privileged to the unflinchingly factual - the simplest weasel-words critics can find is to say that contemporary feminists ruin the entire movement and that there is nothing productive about any feminist critique in the 21st century, 

    but when the media points out that #GamerGate literally is a deliberate astroturfing con job, everyone’s quick to say that the trolls don’t represent the movement?

    So let me be absolutely clear: 

    there is validity in having the conversation about how to make games journalism grow into a productive enterprise that doesn’t sacrifice scruples and can still put a hot meal on every writer’s table. We need to have it. We could have done with having it for a while. 

    You know who’s having it better than #GamerGate? 
    The journalists and game industry employees we’re all so convinced are in bed with each other.

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  7. Sometimes I feel really afraid.

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  8. Lose one leg, and your children will grow three more. Survival of the fittest!
    My friend Richard, on learning from your mistakes.
  9. Though Sean tries not to get emotionally involved with the players, he develops certain preferences over the years. He loves the people who give themselves completely to the fantasy, pulling in references to their own lives, blurring the boundaries between the game and reality. For the most part, players of Trace Italian content themselves with figuring out how to navigate the American wasteland to safety in the game’s eponymous fortress. But this harrowing journey is also an escape hatch, allowing them to flee the horror and boredom of their lives. The escape that Sean offers them is a kind of redemption, but it’s also an intense danger.

    io9’s Annalee Newitz reviews Wolf in White Van, the debut fiction novel of The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle.

    I think this is just the literary distraction I need right now.

  10. What better way to kick off the beginning of the new school year 
    than with a Kill la Kill special about how graduating from high school is one part moving past your naive life and ‘outgrowing your uniform’, and one part keeping the memories of what you’ve learned in order to grow as a n individual? 

    I really wish more of my friends watched this so I could gush more often.

  11. So I want to talk about what happened yesterday afternoon, 
    but I’m afraid that if I say it aloud it’ll become more real, and that’s silly of me. 

    So I’m just gonna go to sleep with it, and deal with my feelings more fully in the morning.

  12. The way I feel about the conversations I have about representation, social justice, equity, and the public good.

    The way I feel about the conversations I have about representation, social justice, equity, and the public good.

  13. Every once in a while, saying someone nice to someone I don’t know on Tumblr is the thing that cheers me up.
    Not a whole lot, but it does something, and something is always a pleasant change of pace.



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