1. it turns out that i have a small group of really close friends.

    inside my head.

    let me show you them:

    • the first is NovaCrux, the somewhat trigger-happy but well-read revolutionary that says fight for your rights no matter how difficult, how impossible, or how seemingly unnecessary, and specifically advocates that teens assemble to address the injustices that adults enact daily upon children without even noticing it [although he fights for any noble cause, whether verbally or physically];
    • the other is CoDeX [often stylized as CDX], the rapper/poet that knows how to craft words, but often never knows why, and whose intelligence is pretty much limited to what can make him seem like he’s ‘keepin’ it real’ with other poets and poetry lovers who only see poetry a certain way - just so he can keep them happy - even when he feels the same way as Nova, he doesn’t say much for fear that the artists around him will somewhat shun him, although he has been known to stand up for himself [as long as Nova is present];
    • ALchemist [AL for short] is CoDeX’s closest partner in crime, who is a Warhol-type [although he barely knows Warhol] and has well thought-out imaginative ideas and concepts and a beautiful way of thinking about art. he listens to instrumentals for creative effect, is peculiarly attracted to stationery even if he has no real need for it, often steals books from bookstores, loves a good artistic rant, and is quite fond of delirium, spirituality, random useless facts, and out of the way artistic things, while he’s eternally bothered by people clinging to ideas like religion, politics, and the public school system;
    • then there’s Nezu [short for Nezumiiro, which is Japanese for ‘grey’; often called Nezumi (Jap. for ‘rat’) or by his honorary title Nezumiiro-Kishi (The Grey Knight)], a childish romantic that is awe-struck by anything beautiful, is protective of his loved ones, and is dying for a trip around the world. He once had a girlfriend. Then he realized that wanting something doesn’t mean you get to keep it.
    • as of Monday 08/03/2010, I’ve been reintroduced to an old friend, Shinji, who has been up here with the rest of them for a while. he is calm and peaceful, sees beauty in everything, and places peace and goodwill above all things. the exact story of how I came to fall out of touch with him goes that he was once meditating in the presence of CDX and AL, who forgot that they were with him as he fell silent and became one with himself, and then left him where he sat.


    N.C.: book= Orwell’s 1984 and Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451; movies=V for Vendetta, The Dark Knight, Afro-Punk, and The Rosa Parks Story; music=any reggae and punk

    CDX: books=anything promoted to be local, Caribbean, historical, or black, although he has read few; movies=The Great Debaters, 8 Mile; music=anything local [in the eyes of the masses] but a lot of hip-hop, jazz and soul

    AL: books=anything, but often must be thought-provoking - latest include Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Encyclopedia Britannica Almanac 2009, and David Guterson’s Our Lady of The Forest; movies=Fight Club, Metropolis, Casablanca; music=anything and everything, but current favorites include Vampire Weekend

    Nezu: books=all Shakespeare, The Book of Courtly Love; movies=anything good; music=everything, mostly with good lyrics

    Shinji: books=anything inspiring with good morals behind them; movies=anything deep and thought-provoking; music=anything avant-garde that does not have lyrics


    1. all four have one thing in common - Lupe Fiasco. Don’t test.
    2. ALchemist and Nezumiiro christened me Hemadri. Only we know why; it’s not difficult to know what it means though.


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